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Isadora: The Biggest Dancer in the World (BBC Drama, Vivien Pickles)



Period drama Isadora: The Biggest Dancer in the World, directed by Ken Russell, told the life and bizarre death of 1920’s dancer Isadora Duncan – she died when her long scarf was caught in the wheels of a car.

There were a couple of cameos from soon to be Monty Python cast members; Michael Palin played an undertaker whilst Eric Idle appeared as Duncan’s chauffeur.

Cast: Vivian Pickles (Isadora Duncan), Peter Bowles (Paris Singer), Alex Jawdokimov (Sergei Yessenin), Murray Melvin (Reporter), Jeanne Le Bars (Wilma), Michael Palin (Jazz Band Member), Eric Idle (Jazz Band Member)

Writers: Sewell Stokes, Ken Russell / Associate Producer: Tony Palmer / Producer and Director: Ken Russell

UK / BBC Two / 1×65 minutes / Broadcast 22 September 1966