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Kingdom (Audience 2014, Frank Grillo, Joanna Going)Kingdom (Audience 2014, Frank Grillo, Joanna Going)


Kingdom (Audience 2014, Frank Grillo, Joanna Going)



Kingdom is a story about family, loyalty, ambition, glory, lust, betrayal and the raw-nerve needs and desires that inspire people to greatness or drive them to unthinkable treachery.

The series takes place in Venice, California and is set against the backdrop of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). The cast is led by Frank Grillo , who returns to the ring to play Alvey “King” Kulina. Kiele Sanchez plays Lisa Prince, his long-time girlfriend.

Matt Lauria plays Ryan Revis, the intelligent, good looking world-class athlete who had it all, including Lisa Prince, who shows up at Alvey’s gym after doing time in prison, which was precipitated by a spiraling drug addiction. Jonathan Tucker plays Jay, Alvey’s eldest son, once a promising fighter, who is struggling with addiction.

From AT&T’s press release, January 2017… Season 3 of the critically-acclaimed drama “KINGDOM” from AT&T* AUDIENCE Network will premiere Wednesday, May 31, at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The show comes from creator, writer and executive producer Byron Balasco and is produced by Endemol Shine Studios. The new season will air exclusively on AUDIENCE Network. Viewers can watch on DIRECTV, AT&T U-verse and the new streaming service DIRECTV NOW. Frank Grillo, Kiele Sanchez, Matt Lauria, Jonathan Tucker, Nick Jonas and Joanna Going reprise their roles for season 3.

Kirk Acevedo joins the cast in a recurring role as a former fighter and new coach at Navy St. MMA gym. Frank Grillo stars as Alvey Kulina, a Mixed Martial Arts legend and owner of Venice, CA-based Navy St. MMA gym. Kiele Sanchez stars as Lisa Prince, who returns to the gym after she and Alvey suffer the loss of their son. Matt Lauria returns as Ryan “The Destroyer” Wheeler, the world-class athlete who redeemed himself in the cage to defended his title in a bittersweet victory against his best friend. Jonathan Tucker returns as Jay Kulina, Alvey’s eldest son who lost the belt to Ryan and is less concerned with that than he is with feeling the tragic loss of his girlfriend. Nick Jonas returns as Nate Kulina, Alvey’s youngest son, who has confided in his older brother and confirmed that he is gay. Joanna Going returns as Christina Kulina, Alvey’s estranged wife and mother to Jay and Nate.

Frank Grillo as Alvey “King” Kulina
Joanna Going as Christina
Jonathan Tucker as Jay
Kiele Sanchez as Lisa Prince
Matt Lauria as Ryan Revis
Nick Jonas as Nate

key behind the scenes crew
Byron Balasco as Creator/Executive Producer

show type

broadcast from
10/8/2014 – continuing

network and production companies
Audience – Endemol Studios


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