Love of Life (CBS 1951-1980, Christopher Reeve, Roy Scheider)

Love of Life was a long running soap that for the first ten years was set in Barrosville and focused on the lives of two sisters, Vanessa Dale and Meg Dale Harper who had very different outlooks on life. Then in 1961 the action shifted to Rosehill, New York when Vanessa married Bruce Sterling.

The series ran until the beginning of 1980 and notched up over 7000 episodes in the process. Episodes were initially 15 minutes long and broadcast live but on 14 April 1958 the episodes went to 30 minutes.

Warren Beatty, Christopher Reeve, Carl Betz, Peter Falk, Anne Jackson, Paul Michael Glaser, Roy Scheider, Bert Convy and Jan Miner were amongst those who appeared on the series.

production details
USA | CBS | x15 minutes and then x30 minutes | Aired From: 24 September 1951 – 1 February 1980

Creators: Don Ettlinger, Roy Winsor,

important cast members included
Beverly Todd
Frances Sternhagen
Paul Michael Glaser
Roy Scheider
Bonnie Bartlett
Ron TommeBruce Sterling
Audrey Peters
Hugh Franklin
Jocelyn Brando
Jerry Lacy
Bert Convy
Season Hubley
David Rounds
Marsha Mason
Sharon Brown
Irene Cara
John Aniston
Robert Alda
Bethel Leslie
Michael Allinson
Christopher Reeve
Joan Copeland
Chris Marlowe
Beatrice Straight
Jordan Charney
Tudi Wiggins
Shepperd Strudwick
Hildy Parks
John Fink
Peggy McCay
John Gabriel
Tony Lo Bianco
Nancy Marchand
Keith Charles
Ray Wise
Ron Harper
Dana DelanyAmy Russell
Barbara Barrie
Richard Coogan
Zina Bethune
Steve Gethers
Bonnie Bedelia
Jessica WalterJulie Murano
Mark Pinter
Lincoln Kilpatrick
Douglass Watson

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