Murphy’s Law (BBC-1 2003-2007, James Nesbitt, Claudia Harrison)

In crime drama Murphy’s Law maverick wisecracking Tommy Murphy is a policeman who performs undercover operations under the direction of his boss Annie Guthrie. A pilot episode in 2001 had Murphy going undercover to infiltrate a gang suspected of pulling off lucrative diamond heists in London. Claudia Harrison made a brief cameo at the beginning of the first episode of the second series as her character falls victim to a serial killer whilst working undercover.

Series one and two had been made up of individual stories but from series three onwards the episodes followed one particular. Series four and five were three part stories shown over consecutive evenings.

Nesbitt is excellent in the lead role (apart from the Viva Zapata moustache of course) and the series, which is pretty hard hitting and in your face, plays pretty fast and loose with the lines that a copper should not step over.

The series is filmed in Ireland.

production details
UK / BBC1 – Element Films – Tiger Aspect / 11x90minute episodes 12×60 minute episodes / 2001 (pilot) / series started 28 April 2003 – 3 October 2007

Creator: Colin Bateman / Creative Consultant: James Nesbitt / Music: Magnus Fiennes / Executive Producers: Andrew Lowe, Greg Brenman / Producer: Sanne Craddick

JAMES NESBITT as Tommy Murphy
CLAUDIA HARRISON as Annie Guthrie (pilot and series 1 only)
DEL SYNOTT as DC Alan Carter (series 1 and 2)
MARK BENTON as Father McBride (series 1 and 2)
MARK WOMACK as Dave Callard (major villain for series three)
OWEN TEALE as DS Paul Allison (series 3)
GEORGIA MACKENZIE as Ellie Holloway (series 3)
BRIAN McCARDIE as Billy Jonstone
CHRISTOPHER FULFORD as Mark Baker (villain for series 5)
ROBBIE GEE as DCS John Atwood (series 5)
ANDREA LOWE as DC Kim Goodall (story lynchpin for series 5)
TIM DANTAY as DS Mitch Kershaw (series 5)

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