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Precious Blood, The (Screen 2 BBC-2 1996, Amanda Burton, Kevin McNally)



Rosie Willis (Amanda Burton), haunted by the murder of her husband 12 years ago, cannot forgive or forget. Her teenage son John, who witnessed the killing, is growing up in Belfast and heading for a life of delinquency, fuelled by revenge. With the Irish peace process on a knife-edge, Rosie seeks to find her own peace by identifying the killer. When John finds release in the boxing gym of born-again-Christian Billy McVea, broken lives become intertwined in a compelling web of past, present and future.

production details
UK | BBC Two | 1×90 minutes | Broadcast 8 June 1996

Writer: Graham Reid
Producer: Robert Cooper, Anthony Rowe
Director: John Wood

Screen Two Season 15 Episode 4

Amanda Burton as Roisin Willis
Kevin McNally as Billy McVea
Michael Legge as John Willis
James Ellis as Albert McVea
Michelle Fairley as Jean McBride
Margaret D’Arcy as Alice McVea
Cara Kelly as Susan McVea
Gavin Kennedy as Harold McVea
Derek Halligan as Turk
Marc O’Shea as Midge
Tim Loane as Detective Inspector Starkie
Gerard Crossan as Detective Inspector Galbraith
Andrew Roddy as Davie Bell
David Calvert as Tom Walsh
Trevor Moore as Sinn Fein Spokesman
Catherine Brennan as Mrs Cowan
Rosemary McCauley as Pauline Willis
Catherine Higgins as Joanne McVea