Quest, The (NBC 1976, Kurt Russell, Tim Matheson)

Set in the West during the 1890’s, The Quest was the story of two young brothers in search of their long-lost sister.

Several years before, Morgan Beaudine and his sister Patricia had been captured by Cheyenne Indians and become separated. Morgan had been raised by the Cheyenne but was now living in the white man’s world. His brother, Quentin, meanwhile, was educated in San Francisco and planned to be a doctor.

Together they set out in search of their sister. Morgan sported Indian dress, spoke fluent Cheyenne and understood Indian customs well enough to get them out of dangerous situations when they encountered unfriendly red men. His given Indian name was Two Persons.

The Quest was generally well regarded but couldn’t compete against Charlie’s Angels which aired against it.

Not all the episodes were shown on its original run.

production details
USA / NBC – David Gerber Prod. / 1×100 minute episodes 15×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 22 September – 29 December 1976 / Wednesdays at 10.00pm

Creator: Tracy Keenan Wynn / Producers: Mark Rodgers, James H. Brown

KURT RUSSELL as Morgan Beaudine
TIM MATHESON as Quentin Beaudine

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