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Saints & Sinners (Bounce TV 2016, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Christian Keyes)



Saints & Sinners centers around the pursuit of power, intertwined with greed, deception, corruption and murder – all set against the backdrop of a large southern church. Greater Hope Baptist Church is the heartbeat of Cypress, GA, a large southern town outside Atlanta. As times changed and Cypress grew, so did Greater Hope’s influence. With the return of a prodigal son and a shocking crime that rattles the core of the community, long-kept secrets, deceit, jealousy and compromising sexual affairs threaten to destroy the heart of the church and shatter the lives of those within it.

From Bounce TV’s press release, March 2017… Bounce’s breakout hit original drama series Saints & Sinners returns for a much-anticipated second season on Sunday, March 5, with new episodes premiering every Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. (ET/PT). Season two brings viewers back to Cypress, Georgia, the sleepy southern town outside Atlanta which has been rocked by the murders of a beloved pastor and the town’s Mayor. Death’s shadow continues to loom over the town’s epicenter, Greater Hope Baptist Church, as a dead body is discovered on its grounds, bringing up the church’s sordid past along with it. As concealed secrets claw their way to the surface, new alliances are formed and deceit, jealousy and compromising sexual affairs threaten to shatter lives and demolish the heart of the church and the town forever. As everyone’s dark past comes to light, the difference between being a saint or a sinner becomes more distorted than ever.

Vanessa Bell Calloway as Lady Ella Johnson
Christian Keyes as Levi Sterling
Keith Robinson as Miles Calloway
Afemo Omilami as Det. Noah St. Charles
Clifton Powell as Rex Fisher
Gloria Reuben as Mayor Pamela Clayborne
J.D. Williams as Jabari Morris
Jasmine Burke as Christie Johnson
Richard Lawson as Pastor Evan Johnson

key behind the scenes crew
Eric Tomosunas as Executive Producer

show type
Crime drama

broadcast from

network and production companies
Bounce TV – Swirl Film



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