Sorry! (BBC One 1981-1988, Ronnie Corbett, Barbara Lott)

In popular BBC sitcom Sorry, which first aired in the early 1980’s, Ronnie Corbett plays middle aged librarian Timothy Lumsden who at 41 is still living at home completely under the thumb of his highly molly coddling mother (a fab performance from Barbara Lott). Phyllis dominates not just Timothy but her long suffering husband Sidney (William Moore) too.

Timothy is desperate to break free, after all he has a good job, lots of friends and a great hobby with his involvement in the local am-dram society but finds that every attempt he makes is thwarted by the machinations of his mother. Towards the end of the shows run Timothy did manage to get a couple of girlfriends, first there was Jennifer (Wendy Allnutt) and then Pippa (Bridget Brice).

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production details
UK / BBC One / 42×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 12 March 1981 – 10 October 1988

Writers: Ian Davidson, Peter Vincent / Producer and Director: David Askey

Ronnie Corbett as Timothy Lumsden
Barbara Lott as Phyllis Lumsden
William Moore as Sidney Lumsden
Roy Holder as Frank (series 1-3)
Marguerite Hardiman as Muriel
Derek Fuke as Kevin
Wendy Allnutt as Jennifer (series 6)
Bridget Brice as Pippa (series 7)

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