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Thirteen Against Fate (BBC Anthology Series, Hywel Bennett, Frank Finlay)



An anthology series of crime dramas all which came from short stories by French writer Georges Simenon.

Each of the unlinked stories featured somebody who was pushed to the limit of what they could take – pushed enough to commit murder even.

There were no links between each story and no story featured Simenon’s most famous creation, Inspector Maigret.

Those taking part included the likes of Michael Robbins, Jack Woolgar, Clive Dunn, Frank Finlay, Annette Crosbie, Marius Goring, Gwendolyn Watts, Gemma Jones, Hywel Bennett, Joss Ackland, Henry Gilbert, Patricia Healey, Petra Markham, Mary Miller and Michele Dotrice.

Producer: Irene Shubik / Music: Tony Russell

UK / BBC One / 13×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 19 June – 11 September 1966 black and white