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A Line In The Sand (ITV1 Thriller, Ross Kemp, Saskia Reeves)



In two part thriller serial A Line In The Sand Gavin Hughes (Ross Kemp), a farm equipment salesman to Iran, is recruited by British Intelligence to provide information on Iran’s weapons programmes. The intelligence services then use information Hughes has provided to assassinate a coach full of top Iranian weapon’s scientists.

Fearing reprisals against Hughes he is relocated and given a new identity as Frank Perry – but the Iranians send their top hitman to seek him out for revenge.

NOTE: This drama was made in mid-2001 but was considered inappropriate to broadcast when originally intended following the events of Sept 11 2001 in New York.

Cast: ROSS KEMP as Gavin Hughes (Frank Perry); MARK BAZELEY as Geoff Markham; SASKIA REEVES as Meryl Rogers; ELLIOT HENDERSON-BOYLE as Stephen; TAM HOSKYNS as Penny Flower; KAYVAN NOVAK as Vahid; KATY CAVANAGH as Leanne

Writer: Gerald Seymour (from his own novel) / Producer: Chris Kelly / Director: James Hawes

UK / ITV-1 / 2×90 minute episodes / Broadcast 7-8 June 2004