Sally Ann: Choice (ITV 28 Oct 1979, with George Malpas)

Sally Ann Choice

In Choice we get to meet the various members of the Salvation Army group, especially Major Gibbs and his family, his wife and teenage children Hannah and Bramwell. Young Bramwell is a vital part of the band but is just as dedicated to his football. He has been picked to play for the district in an important match which just so happens to coincide with a big Salvation Army event when young Bramwell will be given a commission.

Lt Mary Barker takes a young runaway under her wing, he is unwilling to reveal any details about himself but it soon becomes clear that he is unable to read and write.

classic quote
“It’s not fair, the two things I’ve wanted to happen for ages. Why did they have to happen on the same day.”

production details
UK / ITV – Souther / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 28 October 1979 at 6.00pm

Writer: Phil Redmond / Production Design: Greg Lawson / Director: Matthew Robinson

Series: Sally Ann Episode 1 (of 8)

Frank Mills as Major Gibbs
Stephanie Cole as Mr Major Gibbs
Gerald James as Major Cartwright
Carol Leader a Lt Mary Barker
Sam Kydd as Pike
Julia Chambers as Hannah
Philip da Costa as Bramwell
George Malpas as Tobias
Dominic Letts as Brady
David Hargreaves as Sportsmaster

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