Banana Splits Adventure Hour, The (NBC 1968-1970)

Banana Splits Adventure Hour

Children’s entertainment show The Banana Splits Adventure Hour told madcap exploits of a pop group of four furry animals – Bingo (a Gorilla), Drooper (a Lion), Fleegle (a Dog) and Snorky (an Elephant).

Sandwiched in-between these generally pretty surreal segments were an assortment of items such as a cartoon versions of The Arabian Knights (size of a Pachiderm! comic tales of Prince Turhan, Princess Nidor, Bez, Farik and Raseem); The Micro Venture (The Carter family led by Professor Carter are shrunk to a tiny size to examine wildlife and get involved in adventures) and The Three Musketeers (the adventures of Porthos, Aramis and the rest). The Hillbilly Bears was about the misadventures of a bear family, Paw, Maw, Flora and Shagg Rugg. There was also a live action adventure story called Danger Island featuring a young Jan Michael-Vincent.

Because the series was sponsored by Kellogs it’s original broadcast title went under the unwieldy moniker of Kellogg’s of Battle Creek Presents the Banana Splits Adventure Hour.

In 2008 there was a revival of the series with new short comedy segments and videos airing on the Cartoon Network from 2 September. There was a concerted effort to “go big” with the concept with live shows, a website, a music CD and DVD as well as a special section at South Carolina’s Hard Rock Park called Banana Splitsville. It didn’t last too long with the park closing for good the following year.

Banana Splits Arabian Knights

production details
USA / NBC – Hanna Barbera / 31×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 7 September 1968 – 5 September 1970

Creators/Executive Producers:William Hanna, Joseph Barbera / Producer: Edward J. Rosen / Theme Music: Ritchie Adams , Mark Barkan

Voices of the Banana Splits
Daws Butler as Bingo
Paul Winchell as Fleagle
Don Messick as Snorky
Allan Melvin as Drooper

other voice cast and cast
Don Messick as Professor Carter, Aramis, Shagg Rugg
Patsy Garrett as Jill Carter
Tommy Cook as Mike Carter
Frank Aletter as Professor Irwin Hayden
Ronne Troup as Leslie Hayden
Jan-Michael Vincent as Link Simmons
Rockne Tarkington as Morgan
Victor Eberg as Mu Tan
Rodrigo Arrendondo as Chu
Bruce Watson as D’Artagnan
Barney Phillips as Porthos
Jonathan Harris as Athos
Teddy Eccles as Tooly
Julie Bennett as The Queen, Constance
Henry Corden as Paw Rugg
Jean Vander Pyl as Maw and Flora Rugg
Henry Corden as Bez
Paul Frees as Evil Vangore
Frank Gerstle as Raseem
Shari Lewis as Princess Nidor
Jay North as Turban
John Stephenson as Farik

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