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Bargain Hunt “Edinburgh 14” (BBC One Tuesday 31 January 2023)



Bargain Hunt

Bargain Hunt airs a new episode tonight Tuesday 31 January 2023 on BBC One.

“Edinburgh 14” Natasha Raskin Sharp presents an episode in which the red and blue teams compete to find valuable goods to auction off for a profit. Fortunately, seasoned pros Roo Irvine and David Harper are here to lend a hand.

Natasha has issued a challenge to the fairgoers by asking them to determine the identity of a mysterious ringed object. Nobody in the hall has a clue so she decides to challenge quoiting champion, Boyd Falconer, to a match of the long-forgotten sport.

Airdate: Tuesday 31 January 2023 at 12.15pm on BBC One.

Featured Image Credit: BBC One