Chateau DIY Today (Channel 4 Friday 9 December 2022)



Chateau DIY

Today Friday 9 December 2022 the show Chateau DIY airs a new episode called Today.

The original medieval foundations of Erin and JB’s island have partially collapsed into the moat as a result of storms and bad weather.

JB tries to fix everything himself, and when they attempt to lift the massive stones, their engineering prowess is put to the test.

As Stephanie dons her work gloves to sandblast the hayloft beams, she continues her tartan apartment project for Gerry.

Although Sarah and George have agreed to host the town fair, the grounds are far from ideal because a septic tank was only recently installed.

Narrated by Adjoa Andoh.


Today, Friday 9 December 2022, the episode Today airs at 11.30am on Channel 4.

Season 2 Episode 15

British families learn what it takes to purchase and renovate stunning chateaux in France, despite their deteriorating ceilings and weathered turrets.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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