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Four Corners: The Secret World of Incels (ABC TV Monday 20 March 2023)



FOUR CORNERS | Monday 20th March 2023 | ABC TV + ABC iview

“The Hidden World of Incels,” this Monday’s episode of “Four Corners” dives into the murky realm of “Incels,” a radical internet subculture of young males who rage against women.

Some smashed their own faces to make themselves appear more appealing. Some won’t even be seen in the same room as a woman. “The radicalised men I met making my new documentary left me speechless.” Ben Zand, filmmaker

This week on Four Corners, British filmmaker Ben Zand takes us into the dark world of Incels, a radical online subculture of young men who rage at women for allegedly denying them sex and then channel that rage into dreams of deadly violence.

To better comprehend the Incel mentality, which has contributed to hate crimes and, in extreme situations, mass killings, Zand tracks down startlingly violent content being shared online and interviews the guys responsible for it.

The film also examines how isolation can make young males more susceptible to radicalisation through a practise known as black pilling. Zand finally goes out with one of the young men to a pub where he initiates conversation with a woman.

Airdate: Monday 20 March 2023 at 8.30pm on ABC TV.