The Fourth Arm Part 12 (BBC-1 25 Mar 1983, with Christopher Ravenscroft)

The Fourth Arm Title

In the twelfth and final episode of The Fourth Arm, with the high wire having been discovered the compound has placed on Black Alert. The team have to stay calm and continue to act as they were workers. At this stage the Germans think there may only be one man inside. Meanwhile on the outside Plan B is being put into operation, this is designed to make the compound know they are being attacked and create enough of a diversion to smooth the way for the team on the inside. It works for a short while but the Germans realise that it is just a diversionary tactic.

Gallagher, Hibou and Choucas head for the offices where they think the plans are kept. A close run in with a guard almost leaves Hibou trapped.

Meanwhile Ferdy, Grive and Warsaw are working on planting the explosives that will destroy the compound. Hibou has just 20 minutes to find the plans. He eventually finds them and as he and Gallagher attempt to escape they decide to also steal one of the guidance devices fitted to the rockets – almost getting caught in the process.

As the minutes tick down the Germans begin to close down each section of the compound. For Ferdy, Choucas, Warsaw, Grive, Hibou and Gallagher it is now a race against time to get out alive. Only five of them make it…

The Fourth Arm is an excellent series, a slow burn build up paying off with an incredibly tense final two episodes.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 25 March 1983 at 8.00pm

Writer: John Brason / Production Design: Tim Dann / Director: Viktors Ritelis

Series: The Fourth Arm Episode 12 (of 12)

Paul Shelley as Major Gallagher
Neil Stacy as Lieutenant-Colonel Squires
Philip Latham as Colonel Gwillim
Susan Kyd as Solange (Chardonneret)
Dean Harris as Macklin (Choucas)
Michael MacKenzie as Cameron (Grive)
Roy Boyd as Lamboit (Ferdy)
Carole Nimmons as Ellen (Merle)
Robert Swales as Macaulay (Mesange)
Stuart Blake as Wilson (Corbeau)
Rob Edwards as Lovell (Hibou)
Boris Isarov as Soltysyk (Warsaw)
Gerald James as Professor Evans
Leonard Fenton as Cpl Moffat (Miff)
Gregory de Polnay as Pierre de Grouchy
Christopher Ravenscroft as Kupper
John Wyman as Kommandant
Terence Brook as Paumer
Lex van Delden as Waechter
Louis Sheldon as Hertel
Terry John as Feldwebel
Steve Ubels as Telephone operator
Christopher Johnston as Jacques
Ernst Walker as German guard

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