Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars: Episode 7 (BBC One Thursday 18 May 2023)



Gordon Ramsay's Future Food Stars

Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars: Episode 7 airs Thursday 18 May 2023 on BBC One

It’s the final week of Gordon Ramsay’s epic search for his Future Food Star, and the semi-finals are this week. As the remaining competitors fight it out for the final spot, he ramps up the pressure in the hopes of recouping his initial £150,000 bet.

Gordon has always been ahead of the curve, and he realises that to maintain his position at the top, he must do the same. Tonight, it’s all about looking to the future, as he will only team up with someone who can change and adapt with the times.

Gordon puts the social media skills of the finalists to the test first in Brighton. Who will prove they know how to sell a local street food brand online under pressure from tight deadlines and the expert scrutiny of TikTok sensation Uncle Roger?

Next, Gordon gives the groups another visual challenge by assigning them to design a recipe for the cover of Waitrose’s in-house magazine. Can the contestants come up with an original dish and take an appetising photo of it? And what happens when they try out their creations for unsuspecting experts, such as Mary McCartney, an internationally renowned food photographer? Who among these competitors will rise to the occasion and earn a berth in the final?

After that, they have to face Gordon head-on to make their case for why they should be allowed to continue. Who will be the one to fall short in the end? Who will make it through this to fight another day?

Season 2 Episode 7

Gordon’s always been at the cutting edge of his industry and has hand-picked 12 of the UK’s best up-and-coming food and drink entrepreneurs to compete to earn his investment – a whopping £150,000 of his own cash. But to win Gordon’s support will take more than just a great idea – the contenders will need to prove they possess the raw ingredients required to succeed: determination, dedication, passion and talent.

Gordon will drive the contenders through a series of relentless challenges designed to test their character and showcase their business skills because, according to Gordon, an idea is only as good as the person who’s had it.

What time is Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars: Episode 7 on tonight

Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars: Episode 7 airs Thursday 18 May 2023 at 21:00 on BBC One

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