999: On the Front Line Season 11 Premiere, 5 May 2024, MOre4

999: On The Front Line

The popular documentary series 999: On the Front Line returns for its eleventh season on More4 on Sunday 5 May, offering viewers an insight into the demanding work of paramedics in the West Midlands Ambulance Service. Filmed during the autumn, as hospital waiting times soar and pressures on the service mount, the series provides a raw and intimate portrayal of life on the front line.

In the season premiere, paramedics respond to a range of emergencies, including a man who has severed his finger in an accident and a teenager with epilepsy experiencing frequent seizures. The episode also highlights the issue of female paramedic crews facing unwanted sexual comments and the challenges of dealing with patients who delay calling for help until their conditions deteriorate.

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The series captures the dedication and resilience of the West Midlands Ambulance Service paramedics as they navigate life-and-death situations, showcasing their unwavering commitment to saving lives and helping those in need.

The show is filmed simultaneously with ambulance crews, providing a real-time perspective on the diverse cases they encounter. From emergency calls to road traffic accidents and medical emergencies, the series offers a comprehensive view of the challenges faced by paramedics in their daily work.

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The West Midlands Ambulance Service, one of the country’s largest ambulance services, has been under increasing pressure, with a significant rise in call volumes. Despite the challenges, the service remains committed to providing swift and effective care to those in need.

999: On the Front Line Season 11 Premiere airs on More4 at 9.00 pm on Sunday 5 May 2024.

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