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Home Town The Country House (HGTV Sunday December 4, 2022 )



Home Town

On, Sunday December 4, 2022, the episode The Country House airs at 20:00 on HGTV.

The Napiers purchase a country retreat where they can unwind and watch their daughters run wild after being inspired by their own childhoods. Ben and Erin put in the work to turn their new home into a traditional English country house with a family-friendly layout.

Airdate and Episode Count

Sunday December 4, 2022 at 20:00 on HGTV

Season 7 Episode 1

Show Info

Erin and Ben Napier love their small Home Town of Laurel, Mississippi, especially the old historical houses. Using found materials and old textiles; they’re keeping the character of these classic homes, but giving them modern and affordable updates. From Erin’s imaginative hand sketches to Ben’s custom handiwork, this couple is bringing Laurel’s homes back to life, and making sure their small town’s future is as bright as its past.

Featured image credit: HGTV