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Knights of God Episode 12 (ITV 29 Nov 1987, with Owen Teale)



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In the penultimate episode Hugo has escaped to London, aided by Tyrell, he has taken control of the extensive London brigade and is planning to usurp Mordrin.

Meanwhile with the archbishop dead the Canterbury Cathedral chaplain has arranged for Gervase and Julia to travel to the island of Weald where the chaplain believes that a man called Father Gregory is living as prior of a monastry. He is one of only three men who knows who the King really is. The Archbishop was one and Arthur is the other. Quite why Arthur couldn’t just tell Gervase isn’t really discussed (except in passing by our young heroes when they are on board the boat going to Weald). Unless Gervase is the King?

Owen, realising that there has been a major split amongst the upper echelons of the Knights begins to amass an army to take back control. Arthur insists he waits until the time is right and they have their rightful leader.

Well would you believe it, Gervase and Julia meet Father Gregory who does indeed reveal that Gervase is the rightful King. Rescued as a baby by Arthur, Armstrong and Gregory and placed in the care of Owen and Beth.

Knights of God Episode 12

Mordrin seems to be more and more off kilter as the situation unravels.

production details
UK / ITV – TVS / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast 29 November 1987

Writer: Richard Cooper / Director: Andrew Morgan

Series: Knights of God Episode 12 (of 13)

Claire Parker as Julia
George Winter as Gervase
Julian Fellowes as Hugo
John Woodvine as Mordrin
Nigel Stock as Simon
Peter Childs as Tyrell
Gareth Thomas as Owen
Shirley Stelfox as Beth
Owen Teale as Dai
Tenniel Evans as Dafydd
Robert Swann as Chaplain
Frank Middlemass as Father Gregory
Dean Harris as Brother Dean