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Moon and Son: Crystal Clear It’s Murder (BBC-1 4 Jan 1992)



Moon and Son Crystal Clear It's Murder

In Crystal Clear It’s Murder, the opening episode of the series, Gladys Moon and her son Trevor are working in France. They ply the markets with a fortune telling business. At the same time that Trevor is helping an English civil engineer choose a present for his wife, Gladys is mugged by a French student. Later the engineer is found murdered.

Trevor is intriguing by the death and begins to quietly investigate, he discovers that the man, who was working on the construction of the Channel Tunnel, may have learnt that his former employers, Montgomery Russell Construction, may have been tampering with core samples for the Tunnel. It’s the kind of information that finds Trevor being threatened by a couple of heavies.

Despite the fact that Gladys is the fortune teller it is Trevor who seem to actually possess the real skills, he even uses dowsing to discover an important clue in the French countryside. It just happens to be the catalyst for unravelling the whole mystery.

It’s a good opening episode, showing the gypsy nature of Trevor and Glady’s lifestyle and playing up the fairly light hearted nature of the series.

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 4 January 1992 at 7.55pm

Writer: Robert Banks Stewart / Director: Robert Tronson

Series: Moon and Son Episode 1 (of 13)

Millicent Martin as Gladys
John Michie as Trevor
Laure Killing as Cecile
Patrick Drury as Inspector Sardou
Ian Redford as Detective Sergeant Eavis
Joanna McCallum as Vivienne
Tom Cotcher as Dunblane
Anita Graham as ZeldaLee
John Fitzgerald Jay as Mathieu
Jonathan Adams as Etienne
Jeremy Minns as Sebastien