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Wheel of Fortune: Who Won Today (Friday November 25, 2022 Syndicated)



Wheel of Fortune

Today Friday November 25, 2022 the show Wheel of Fortune airs an episode called Who Won Today on Syndicated

Who Won Today: Here are the stats with all the answers and who Won Wheel of Fortune Today. It’s college week this week.

Winner: Kellen Franklin (From Long Beach, CA – sophomore at Fisk University, aspiring law student and entertainment lawyer)

Other Contestants: David Szilagyi (From Riverside, CA – senior at UC Riverside majoring in mechanical engineering) and Mia Depta (From Crown Point, IN – sophomore at Purdue majoring in elementary education major, aspiring teacher).

Toss Ups

$1,000: PEP RALLY (Event)
$2,000: THE STAR OF THE SHOW (Person)

Puzzle Rounds

Round 1: PERIODIC TABLE TENNIS (Before & After)
Round 2: BUYING USED TEXTBOOKS (College Life)
Round 3: LIFE IS BETTER IN FLIP-FLOPS (Phrase – Kellen wins a trip St. Maarten and a stay at the Grand Case Beach Club in a package worth $9,000)
Round 4: SOFTWARE DEVELOPER (Occupation)


Triple #1: SENDING TONS OF MESSAGES (What Are You Doing?)
Triple #2: WATCHING TONS OF VIDEOS (What Are You Doing?)
Triple #3: WASTING TONS OF TIME (What Are You Doing?)

Bonus Puzzle and Category: WAKING UP AT NIGHT (What Are You Doing?)
Bonus Round Won: No

Final Scores: Kellen $22,000 + trip / Mia $4,000 / David $1,000

Episode #7675.

Airdate, Episode Count and Show Info

Friday November 25, 2022 at 7.00pm on Syndicated.

Featured Image Credit: Syndicated