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Just The Facts: Gilligan's Island (CBS 1964-1967)Just The Facts: Gilligan's Island (CBS 1964-1967)


Just The Facts: Gilligan’s Island (CBS 1964-1967)



Much loved 1960’s sitcom Gilligan’s Island followed the exploits and shenanigans of the crew and passengers of pleasure cruiser the SS Minnow who find themselves stranded on a desert island after their ship is wrecked during a storm.

Created by Sherwood Schwartz the series starred Bob Denver as Gilligan, Alan Hale Jr as The Skipper and buxom Tina Louise as Ginger Grant. The cast also included Jim Backus as wealthy Thurston Howell III and Dawn Wells as Mary Ann.

Years On Air 1964-67

Top Nielsen Charting

Minnow Roles
Early cast ideas were Raquel Welch for Mary Ann. Carroll O’Connor for the Skipper, and Jerry Van Dyke for Gilligan.

Willie Boy Is Here
Gilligan s first name was never revealed but Schwartz and Denver thought he’d be a Willie

What’s In A Name
The Skipper’s real moniker was Jonas Grumby. the Professor s was Roy Hinkley.

The U S Coast Guard received telegrams from concerned citizens begging for the rescue of “those poor people before they starve to death”



Critics’ Lips Couldn’t Sink Ships
“It’s difficult to believe Gilligan’s Island was written and filmed by adults” said the San Francisco Chronicle

Bob on Alan
“Working with Alan was a joy. He was a pure professional. Always knew his lines and was capable of improvising at the last minute. Many times, just before the take, we would whisper to each other what we were going to do in the scene. No rehearsal, we trusted each other. Every once in a while we would get a crew member to burst out laughing, ruining the take. This is the highest compliment. We knew the audience at home watching would laugh too.” – From Denver’s book, “Gilligan, Maynard and Me”.


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