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Jerk Season 2: Q&A with Tim Renkow



Jerk Tim Renkow

Tim, what can you tell us about the new second series?

I’ve been told by people who know these types of things that “it’s insane.” I have no reason to doubt them.

Where did you draw your inspirations for Jerk?

I draw my inspirations from my endless travels through the universe as a cosmic wanderer. I search the stars looking for that elusive mistress – meaning.

Tell us more about your character?

I think of Tim as a good-will vampire. He doesn’t destroy your life unless you invite him in but once you do he takes all your good intentions and uses them to make your life miserable.

Do you find any similarities between yourself and Tim?

As a writer, you put a little of yourself in every character so there are some similarities. There is a certain similarity between Idris and me. However, I think that the character I’m most like is Ruth.

Do you have any standout moments from the new series that you’re looking forward to viewers seeing?

Tim has a duel with the Devil which is pretty cool.

Have there been any highlights during filming the new series?

I love working with Sharon and Rob. They are both so talented. Don’t tell them I said that though. I don’t want them getting big heads. The crew were amazing. At the risk of sounding sappy, it was an honour to work with all of them.

How has it been to film during the current global pandemic?

It definitely made everything a little more difficult but our Covid advisor, Andy was adorable.

What is it like to work with the rest of the supporting cast?

Great, they are all very talented. I’m very jealous of all of them.

Do you think that representation of disability within television is improving?

It is getting better. However, there is still so much to be done. We are still not at a point where there can be a disabled person on screen without their disability being mentioned. Once that happens, we will be on the right path.

What do you hope audiences can take away from watching Jerk and why should they tune in for this new series?

Laughs. I am a comedian so giving people a good laugh is what I live for. For me, it’s above all the most important thing.

JERK follows the life of acclaimed stand up Tim Renkow, who plays a heightened version of himself; a man who uses the fact that he has cerebral palsy to try and get away with anything.