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Dear Murderer (Gainsborough 1947, Eric Portman, Greta Gynt)



In Dear Murderer businessman Lee Warren discovers his wife Vivien has been having an affair whilst he has been away in America. He conceives the perfect murder plot to be rid of Richard Fenton (the barrister she has been seeing) and puts in to practice. He is a little put out to discover that Vivien has also been seeing a younger man called Jimmy Martin – Warren realises he has the perfect opportunity to pin Fenton’s murder onto Jimmy.

Chief Inspector Penbury is convinced that the case is not as cut and dried as the evidence suggests. Meanwhile knowing that her husband is a murderer Vivien begins a little plot of her own…

Dear Murderer is certainly an inventive little thriller, as it turns out things don’t go so well for either of the Warrens.

production details
UK | Gainsborough | 90 minutes | 1947

Director: Arthur Crabtree
Script: Muriel Box, Sydney Box, Peter Rogers, St. John Legh Clowes,

Eric Portman as Lee Warren
Greta Gynt as Vivien Warren
Dennis Price as Richard Fenton
Jack Warner as Insp. Penbury
Maxwell Reed as Jimmy Martin
Hazel Court as Avis Fenton
Jane Hylton as Rita
Andrew Crawford as Sgt. Fox
Charles Rolfe as Prison Warden
Helene Burls as Charwoman
Ernest Butcher as Hall Porter
Judith Carol as American Secretary
Valerie Ward as Warren’s Secretary
John Blythe as Ernie
Howard Douglas as Doctor