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Rancho Notorious (RKO 1952, Marlene Dietrich, Jack Elam)



In Rancho Notorious, Fritz Lang’s intensely emotional version of a Western, Marlene Dietrich plays the mistress of a ranch used as a hiding place by notorious outlaws. Her nest is exposed when Arthur Kennedy tracks his fiancee’s murderers to Dietrich’s Chuck-a-Luck ranch, named for a legendary game of chance. Kennedy plays the characteristic Lang hero whose basic goodness gets twisted by a thirst for revenge.

Director Fritz Lang claimed that the 1952 film was conceived for Marlene Dietrich, but that by the time production ended, he and Dietrich were no longer speaking to each other.

production details
USA | RKO | 89 minutes | 1952

Director: Fritz Lang
Script: Silvia Richards, Daniel Taradash,

Mel Ferrer as Frenchy Fairmont
Arthur Kennedy as Vern Haskell
Dan Seymour as Comanche Paul
Jack Elam as Mort Geary
Marlene Dietrich as Altar Keane
Gloria Henry as Beth Forbes
William Frawley as Baldy Gunder
Lisa Ferraday as Maxine
John Raven as Chuck-a-Luck dealer
George Reeves as Wilson
Frank Ferguson as Preacher
Francis McDonald as Harbin
John Kellogg as Jeff Factor
Rodd Redwing as Rio