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San Antonio (Warner 1945, Errol Flynn, Alexis Smith)



This Technicolor Western features Errol Flynn as a cattleman who uncovers the rustling operation being operated from the saloon owned by Paul Kelly. Alexis Smith sings in the saloon, and Flynn thinks she might be in on the scheme, but that doesn’t prevent him from romancing her. Pleasant enough, with action, romance, and a few songs thrown in.

Alexis Smith, who costars in San Antonio, had a formidable screen career as a second-string leading lady before retiring in 1960. A decade later she returned to acting, most notably in a Tony-award winning performance in Follies.

Academy Award Nominations: Best Song; Best (Color) Interior Decoration.

production details
Errol Flynn as Clay Hardin
Alexis Smith as Jeanne Star
S.Z. Sakall as Sacha Bozic
Victor Francen as Legare
Florence Bates as Henrietta
John Litel as Charlie Bell
Paul Kelly as Roy Stuart
Robert Shayne as Captain Morgan
John Alvin as Pony Smith
Monte Blue as Cleve Andrews
Robert Barrat as Colonel Johnson
Pedro de Cordoba as Ricardo Torreon
Tom Tyler as Lafe McWilliams

Director: David Butler
Producer: Robert Buckner
Director of Photography: Bert Glennon
Editor: Irene Morra
Composer: Max Steiner
Screenwriters: W. R. Burnett, Alan LeMay
Art Director: Ted Smith

USA | Warner Bros | 111 minutes | 1945