Days of Our Lives, April 25 2024, Peacock

Days of Our Lives

On the Thursday April 25 episode of Days of Our Lives, John Black and Steve Johnson find themselves entangled in a troubling situation as they discuss the possibility that Konstantin Meleounis may have played a deadly role in his ex-wife’s mysterious disappearance. Konstantin’s reluctance to talk about his former flame, who vanished without a trace, raises suspicions that he could be responsible for her permanent absence. While John and Steve fear for Maggie Kiriakis’ safety, Konstantin devises a new scheme aimed at driving a wedge between their friendship.

Meanwhile, Maggie announces shocking news to Xander Cook and Sarah Horton, revealing her decision to rush into a marriage with Konstantin. Sarah and Xander are taken aback by Maggie’s haste, concerned that she is acting impulsively. Maggie, feeling indebted to Konstantin for Victor Kiriakis’ past actions and valuing his presence in her life, believes she has valid reasons for wanting to marry him and secure his permanent residence in the country.

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Across town, Theresa Donovan confides in Brady Black about her feelings of failure following the flop of her venture, Bella. Brady, ever supportive, offers words of encouragement, reminding Theresa of her strengths as a mother and assuring her that she will also succeed in her career endeavours. Elsewhere, Alex Kiriakis expresses frustration over Kristen DiMera’s plan not yielding the desired results, as Theresa hit the brakes after their massage took a steamy turn.

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In a surprising twist, Kristen makes a bold proposal to Alex, suggesting they spend the night together. This unexpected offer leaves Alex with a difficult decision to make.

Days of Our Lives airs on Peacock at 6:00 am on Thursday 25 April 2024.

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