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Barnaby (France 1973, Colin Jeavons)




Interesting one this, Euro stop frame animation that like the Magic Roundabout had some episodes given an English make-over. Blessed with a very memorable theme tune sung by the reedy voiced Colin Jeavons, who also narrated.

The series followed the adventures of Barnaby, who at the start of the series is not a great singer but thanks to a meeting with the King of the birds he gets himself a magic whistle that give him a marvellous singing voice (quite funny really as Colin Jeavons quite clearly can’t sing).

Barnaby ends up joining the circus of Mr Pimoulu (possibly an influence of the League of Gentlemen there) and makes friends with drum playing Monkeys Ricky and Dicky, Sara the Seal and Mrs Pimoulu who works on the trapeze and also collects tickets.

Known variously throughout the world as Colargol, Jeremy and Barnaby this is a charming series. Surprisingly only 13 episodes out of over 50 got the translation treatment.

production details
France / 50+x10 minute episodes / 1973

Creator and producer: Albert Barille / Books: Olga Pouchine / Theme Music: Mireille (Colin Jeavons sang the brilliant English translated version – Barnaby’s the bears my name, never call me Jack or Jane)