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Best Man, The (ITV-1 2006, Keeley Hawes, Toby Stephens)



Thriller. Michael and Peter have been best friends since school but in adulthood Michael has been finding that Peter cannot seem to let go of the past and always wants to spend time with him. Understandably enough Peter is best man at Michael’s wedding to Kate but then even turns up at their honeymoon location. Kate begins to learn that they share a terrible secret from when they were boys that resulted in a girl’s death and the detective in charge of her murder is still pursuing the truth.

production details
UK | ITV-1 – Touchpaper / 2×90 minutes / Broadcast 20-21 March 2006

Writer: Russell Lewis / Script Editor: Clare Alan / Music: Nick Hooper Producer: Hugh Warren / Executive Producer: Rob Pursey / Director: Alex Pillai

Richard Coyle as Michael Sheldrake
Keeley Hawes as Kate Sheldrake
Toby Stephens as Peter Tremaine
Aaron Johnson as Michael, Aged 15
George Irving as Miller
Michael Gabriel as Peter, Aged 15
Laura Aikman as The Girl
Indra Ové as Natalie
Tony Guilfoyle as Headmaster
Joseph Friend as Michael As A Boy
Alexander Winter as Peter As A Boy
Jack Baverstock as Bruce Miller