Bigfoot and Wildboy (ABC 1979, Ray Young, Joe Butcher)

This wasn’t the angry, sullen Bigfoot that fought The Six Million Dollar Man; this was the angry, sullen Bigfoot that raised and cared for a teenaged human orphan.

In this series, Bigfoot was some sort of benign, hairy protector, living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. He was guardian and foster parent to Wildboy, a human who had been orphaned years before.

Bigfoot and Wildboy would get into dustups with various ne’er-do-wells every episode, defeating them with the help of their friends Suzie (first season) and Cindy (second). This show originally aired as a segment of The Krofft Supershow in 1978, then ran as repeats during the summer of 1979.

Opening quote
Out of the great Northwest comes the legendary Bigfoot…

production details
USA | ABC – Sid and Marty Krofft | 20×22 minutes | Broadcast From 2 June – 19 August 1979

Creators and Executive Producers: Sid and Marty Krofft

Joseph Butcher as Wildboy
Ray Young as Bigfoot
Monika Ramirez as Susie / Cindy / Suzie
Yvonne Regalado as Cindy / Susie
Al Wyatt Jr. as Cindy’s father / Susie’s father

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