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Blue Boy, The (BBC-2 1994, Emma Thompson, Adrian Dunbar,)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Oscar-winning Emma Thompson teams up with Adrian Dunbar (The Crying Game) in this chilling, supernatural thriller. Marie is three months pregnant when she persuades overworked husband Joe to take her on a much needed break to the Scottish Highlands. The room they are shown in the isolated hotel brings back uncomfortable memories for unfaithful Joe – but it is more than a guilty conscious that is bothering him.

Marie is deeply affected by the hotel’s legend of the Blue Boy who drowned himself after finding his father with another woman. As layers of the past gradually slip away, so too do the lies of their relationship leaving both exposed, isolated and possessed by the ghost of the Blue Boy.

production details
UK | BBC Two | 1×65 minutes | 1994

Writer and Director: Paul Munton
Producer: Kate Swan

Emma Thompson as Marie Bonnar
Adrian Dunbar as Joe
Eleanor Bron as Christine
Phyllida Law as Marie’s Mother
David Horovitch as Robert
Joanna Roth as Beth