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Booker (Fox 1989-1990, Richard Grieco, Katie Rich)




Crime drama series spin off from 21 Jump Street that saw cop Dennis Booker (who had appeared during Jump Street’s third season) leave the force to become a private detective working for the Teshima Corporation, a major Japanese insurance company based in LA.

Naturally enough he also found time to work on cases for himself, his first secretary was Elaine who was replaced by Suzanne.

The character of Booker had been introduced in to jump street when the producers thought star Johnny Depp was about to leave, when he didn’t they created this show. Grieco looked set to be a major star but the series didn’t last and his career faded somewhat after it ended.

production details
USA / Fox / x60m-e / Broadcast 24 September 1989 – 26 August 1990

Created by Stephen J. Cannell and Erik Blakeney / Executive Producers: Bill Nuss, Steve Beers, Stephen J. Cannell /
Theme song “Hot in the City”, performed by Billy Idol

Richard Grieco as Dennis Booker
Katie Rich as Elaine Grazzo
Lori Petty as Suzanne Dunne
Marcia Strassman as Alicia Rudd
Carmen Argenziano as Charles “Chick” Sterling
Reginald T. Dorsey as Reggie Mitchell
Robert Romanus as Tony DeAngelo
Jay Brazeau as Sgt. Keith Redding