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Doctor On The Go (ITV 1975-1977, Robin Nedwell, Geoffrey Davies)



Doctor on the Go ITV

Doctor on the Go, number 5 in the Doctor series, saw Duncan Waring and Paul Collier heading back to St Swithins after their exploits at sea. In fact this was the final series the team made for ITV, although still to come were some Antipodean adventures in Doctor Down Under and middle aged stories in the much later Doctor at the Top.

It was pretty much business as usual but during season two Duncan Waring declared his love for Nurse Kate Wright and the pair married in the final episode.

Of interest to genre fans is the fact that Douglas Adam’s co-authored the 20 February 1977 episode For Your Own Good, with Graham Chapman. This was pre Hitch-Hikers fame when he was still trying to get a toe-hold in the business.

Robin Nedwell as Duncan Waring
Geoffrey Davies as Dick Stuart-Clark
Ernest Clark as Sir Geoffrey Loftus
Jacquie-Ann Carr as Kate Wright
John Kane as Andrew MacKenzie
Andrew Knox as James Gascoigne

key behind the scenes crew
Richard Gordon as Creator
Bernard McKenna as Writer (6)
Richard Laing as Writer (6)
Bernard McKenna as Writer (3)
George Layton as Writer (5)
Jonathan Lynn as Writer (5)
Steve Thorn as Writer (4)
Paul Wolfson as Writer (4)
Rob Buckman as Writer (3)
Chris Beetles as Writer (3)
Gail Renard as Writer (1)
Gail Renard as Writer (1)
Brenda Crankmen as Writer (1) (Bernard McKenna writing under a pseudonym, which was an anagram of his name.)
David A Yallop as Writer (1)
Selwyn Roberts as Writer (1)
Graham Chapman as Writer (1)
Douglas Adams as Writer (1)
Bernard McKenna as Script Editor
Bryan Izzard as Director (18)
Gerry Mill as Director (7)
Alan Wallis as Director (1)
Humphrey Barclay as Producer

show type

broadcast from
27 April 1975 – 10 April 1977
26×25 minute episodes

network and production companies
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television