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Farewell To Arms, A (BBC Two 1966, George Hamilton, Vanessa Redgrave)



A Farewell To Arms, based on Ernest Hemingway’s 1929 novel, had been adapted for the big screen in 1932 with Gary Cooper in the lead. The poignant story, set during World War One, followed the ill-fated romance between an English nurse and an American paramedic.

Definitely a prestige production for the still relatively new second BBC channel with high profile leads in the shape of Vanessa Redgrave and George Hamilton and script adaptation by Giles Cooper.

production details
UK / BBC Two / 3×45 minute episodes / Broadcast Tuesday 15 February – Tuesday 1 March 1966

Writer: Giles Cooper / Novel: Ernest Hemingway / Production Design: Allan Anson / Producer: Douglas Allen / Director: Rex Tucker

Vanessa Redgrave as Catherine Barkley
George Hamilton as Lieutenant Henry
Laurence Payne as Lieutenant Rinaldi
Susan Engel as Staff Nurse
Ann Rye as Fergy
Donald Sutherland as Sim
Carol Jaffe as Doctor
Michael Mellinger as Captain
Gladys Spencer as Mrs Walker
Erik Chitty as Waiter
Martyn Huntley as Rodgers