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Felicity (WB 1998 with Keri Russell and Scott Foley)



USA / WB – Imagine – Touchstone / Premiere Date: Sep 29, 1998

Cast: Keri Russell (Felicity Porter); Scott Foley (Noel Crane); Amanda Foreman (Meghan Rotundi); Ian Gomez (Javier); Greg Grunberg (Sean Blumberg); Amy Jo Johnson (Julie Emrick); Tangi Miller (Elena Tyler); Scott Speedman (Ben Covington)

Keri Russell (“Malibu Shores”) stars as Felicity Porter, a shy girl who finds out what life on her own is really about. Sheltered as a child, Felicity never made any of her own decisions- until she moved to New York to go to college. There, she soon discovers that her move to New York City holds endless possibilities.

From the creators of “Forever Young” and “The Pallbearer,” this coming-of-age drama is both evocative and introspective. Felicity’s moments of reflection deal with how life changes- and how she changes with them.