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Life...And Stuff (CBS 1997, Rick Reynolds, Pam Dawber)Life...And Stuff (CBS 1997, Rick Reynolds, Pam Dawber)


Life…And Stuff (CBS 1997, Rick Reynolds, Pam Dawber)



Life…And Stuff explored marriage and parenthood in the 90’s from the point of view of a man who is trying desperately to keep passion alive in his life and in his marriage.

Harried advertising executive Rick Boswell and his equally overwhlemed wife Ronnie are finding life and stuff in the 90’s isn’t quite “Leave it to Beaver.” Instead of home cooking, quality time with their boys, Jerry and Shawn, and problems that can be solved with a hug and a cup of cocoa — it’s fast food, mid-life doubts and sex once in a blue moon.

Rick’s world is also inhabited by his free-spirited, unemployed brother, Andy, who lives in a trailer park in the driveway, and his advertising co-workers, Bernie and Nancy.

This was short lived with CBS pulling the plug after 4 of it’s six episodes.

USA / CBS – TriStar – Somers Teitelbaum – Perrgood / x25 minute episodes / Broadcast 6 – 27 June 1997

Executive Producers: Lee Aronsohn, Andy Cadiff, Mark Teitelbaum, Alan Somers, Alan David, Bill Bell, Jr.

Pam Dawber as Ronnie Boswell
Rick Reynolds as Rick Boswell
David Bowe as Andy Boswell
Tanner Lee Prairie as Jerry Boswell
Kevin Keckeisen as Shawn Boswell
Brandon Allen as Shawn Boswell
Fred Applegate as Bernie Skabinsky
Ilana Levine as Nancy Linstrom


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