Logan’s Run (CBS 1977, Gregory Menzie, Heather Menzies)

After Star Wars became a trend-setting hit film at the box office, television producers attempted to capture the popularity of that film in small-screen form. Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers In The 25th Century may have been the most prominent, but one of the more thoughtful and intriguing shows to emerge from this wave was Logan’s Run, which managed to balance its high-tech thrills with a sly sense of social commentary.

Like the 1976 film that inspired it, the Logan’s Run television show presented a future that was frightening and seductive all at once. It took place in and around the Domed City, a society of the future where life was carefree and fun… until one reached the age of thirty, that is. At the time, citizens of this age were ‘terminated’ through a ritual ceremony known as Carousel. Those who did not submit to Carousel were hunted down by the Sandmen, a police force that guarded the Domed City against the undesirables who lived outside of it and hunted down the rebels who tried to escape when it was time for Carousel.

The show’s hero was Logan 5, a Sandman who realized that the Domed City was actually ruled in secret by a group of Elders who were over the age of thirty. Since his 30th birthday was approaching, Logan 5 decided to escape, doing so with the help of a rebel named Jessica 6 and an android named Rem. They set out in search of Sanctuary, a legendary but never-seen utopia that existed beyond the walls of the Domed City.

The fugitive three were pursued by Francis 7, a Sandman who had been promised a seat on the Council of Elders if he could track down Logan 5. Along the way, they all experienced many adventures as they dealt with the strange (and occasionally savage) people who lived beyond the Domed City.

The finished show managed to blend the thrills of The Fugitive with the futuristic, allegorical style of The Prisoner to created a series that was as thought-provoking as it was thrilling. Although Logan’s Run only lasted one season, it found plenty of fans during its short run thanks to its ability to blend compelling adventures with commentary on issues like age-ism and the problems inherent in ‘utopias’ like Domed City. It continues to maintain its popularity through periodic reruns and through web pages devoted to the show. As long as people like a little paranoia mixed into their sci-fi, shows like Logan’s Run will continue to be cult favorites.

production details
USA | CBS – MGM | x50 minutes | Broadcast 16 September 1977 – 16 January 1978

Heather Menzies as Jessica
Gregory Harrison as Logan
Donald Moffat as Rem
Randolph Powell as Francis

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