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NewsRadio (NBC 1995-1999, Dave Foley, Stephen Root)



Dave Nelson (Foley), an enthusiastic young man who recently moved to New York City from Wisconsin, found his first assignment at his new job was to fire his predecessor as news director. Now he must interpret the signals he receives from his eccentric boss (Stephen Root), pacify quirky on-air talent (Phil Hartman and Khandi Alexander), earn the respect of his offbeat secretary (Vicki Lewis) and a highly nervous street reporter (Andy Dick), and come to terms with the very attractive longtime newswriter and loyal employee, Lisa (Maura Tierney), who thought she was in line for his job. Dave and Lisa became a couple last season, and though initially were successful in keeping their relationship a secret from their co-workers, soon the WNYX staffers were all privy to the romance. By the season finale Dave and Lisa had called it quits romantically, but a fire in the office rekindled possibilities of romantic reconciliation

From multiple-award-winning creator/executive producer Paul Simms and executive producers Brad Grey and Bernie Brillstein comes NewsRadio, a comedy set in the fictional WNYX news radio station in New York City. NewsRadio looks at the lives of a diverse group of people who have become an extended family in the workplace.

production details
USA | NBC – Brillstein – Grey Communications Production | x25 minutes | Broadcast 21 March 1995 – 4 May 1999

Creator: Paul Simms
Theme Tune: Mike Post

Dave Foley as Dave Nelson
Phil Hartman as Bill McNeal
Joe Rogan as Joe Garrelli
Vicki Lewis
Khandi Alexander as Catherine Duke
Andy Dick as Matthew Brock
Stephen Root as Jimmy James
D. B. Cooper
Maura Tierney as Lisa Miller
Jon Lovitz