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Ours Is A Nice House (ITV Sitcom, Thora Hird)



Ours Is A Nice House ITV Thora Hird

In ITV sitcom Ours Is A Nice House, Thora Parker (Thora Hird) is the landlady of a north country boarding house. At the time Hird was starring in popular BBC series The First Lady so this was a nice change of pace for her.

Reviewing the sitcom in The Stage (16 Oct 1969) Ann Purser felt the series was “rough North Country humour lightly glazed with a genteel boarding-house respectability.” The show also moved along at a fine clip “Thora Hird sets the pace and this is probably the most important contribution. She moves and talks at speed and the story develops at a matching rate.”

Guest stars included Barry Fantoni, Jill Kerman, Barbara Mitchell, Fabia Drake, George Colouris, Margaret Courtenay, Roger Avon, Peter Butterworth and George A. Cooper.

Cast: Thora Hird (Thora Parker), May Warden (Gran), Ruth Holden (Elsie Crabtree), Caroline Dowdeswell (Vera Parker), Leslie Meadows (Alan Parker), Harry Littlewood (Alf Whittle), David Stoll (Brandon Bailey, Season 1), Beatrix Mackey (Mrs Orpington-Hunt, Season 1), Ray Fell (Dudley Banks Smith, Season 2), Damaris Hayman (Louise Bottomley, Season 2)

Writer: Harry Littlewood / Producer: Stuart Allen

UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 13×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 10 October 1969 – 5 September 1970