Prison Wives Club (Lifetime 2014)

Documentary series Prison Wives Club follows four women living with their decisions to fall in love with and remain married to convicted felons. While facing judgment from their friends and families, each episode explores how these women struggle to find normalcy despite their unconventional choices when it comes to the men in their lives.

Restricted to limited contact with their spouses who are serving sentences ranging from 10 years to life, the ladies band together for support; but this group comes with its own sentence as they don’t always agree on how to behave as a wife on the outside.

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key behind the scenes crew
Colleen Conway Grogan as Executive Producer (Lifetime)
Eli Lehrer as Executive Producer (Lifetime)
Glenn Stickley as Co-Executive Producer
Jennifer O’Connell as Executive Producer
Jenny Ramirez as Co-Executive Producer
Mary Donahue as Executive Producer (Lifetime)
Paulina Williams as Executive Producer
Rajan Shandil as Co-Executive Producer
Tim Sullivan as Co-Executive Producer

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broadcast from
28 October 2014 – 19 June 2015
8 episodes in total

show type

network and production companies
Lifetime – CORE Media Group

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