Suspicion (ITV 1971-1972, Ian Hendry, John Thaw)

Suspicion was an anthology series of 9 plays which took as their basis the dictionary definition of the word meaning “a partial or unconfirmed belief that something is wrong, someone guilty.” A good concept as the air of suspicion always creates a tension filled atmosphere.

The series gelled well from having a single creator (Philip Levene) and producer (Nicholas Palmer) overseeing each of the individual productions. Scripts were provided by the likes of Fay Weldon, Richard Harris, Roy Minton and Vincent Tilsley. There was also one proto Thriller episode, Reasonable Doubt, written by Brian Clemens.

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Some of the people involved, notably writer Lewis Greifer and director Henri Safran were also heavily involved at the same time with another ATV anthology series Love Story.

Some relatively high profile names appeared in the cast, with John Thaw and Anthony Bate starring in I’ll Go Along With That, Ian Hendry starring in Fay Weldon’s Old Man’s Hat; Paul Eddington in Plain Jane and Donald Burton in No Case to Answer.

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production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 9×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 23 November 1971 – 25 January 1972

1. PLAIN JANE (23 Nov 1971)
2. OFF SEASON (30 Nov 1971)
3. I CAN SEE YOUR LIPS MOVE (7 Dec 1971)
4. I’LL GO ALONG WITH THAT (14 Dec 1971)
5. NO CASE TO ANSWER (21 Dec 1971)
6. OLD MAN’S HAT (4 Jan 1972)
7. REASONABLE DOUBT (11 Jan 1972)
8. NOBBY’S TURN (18 Jan 1972)
9. THE RESTING PLACE (25 Jan 1972)

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