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Tarry Dan, Tarry Dan, Scarey Old Spooky Man (BBC Drama, Paul Curran)



“Tarry Dan, Tarry Dan, Scarey Old Spooky Man.” That’s the chant Cornish children sing when the local tramp shuffles by. No one has heard him speak, but now old Tarry seems to have a frightening message for Jonah, the school’s toughest tearaway.

Cast: Paul Curran (Tarry Dan), Colin Mayes (Jonah Grattan), Michael Deeks (Darra), Simon Gipps-Kent (Willie), Gareth Shiels (Kenny), Colin Jeavons (Mr Johnson)

Writer: Peter McDougall / Music: Jeremy Barlow / Production Design: Barry Newbery / Producer: Frank Hatherley / Director: John Reardon

UK / BBC Two / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 1 May 1978 at 11.25pm