Team, The (2015, Lars Mikkelsen, Jasmin Gerat)

In the Pan European thriller The Team, after a number of murders of prostitutes at a motorway stop near Berlin, in a rear courtyard in Antwerp, and in a brothel in Copenhagen, Europol decides to form a taskforce to tackle the case. Harald, a Dane, Jackie, a German, and Alice from Belgium embark on the hunt for the killer.

As the case unfolds, the killings prove to be just the tip of the iceberg, the iceberg itself being a large, pan-European criminal organization involved in everything from drugs and financial crime to corruption, hired killings and not least people trafficking , illegal labor and prostitution.

production details
Austria – Belgium – Germany – Denmark | 8×50 minutes | 2015
Lars Mikkelsen as Harald Bjorn
Jasmin Gerat as Jackie Mueller
Andreas Pietschmann as Elias Mueller
Filip Peeters as Bruno Kopmann
Sunnyi Melles as Iris Gabler
Nadeshda Brennicke as Dahlia Loukauskis
Miriam Stein as Natascha Stark
Veerle Baetens as Alicia Verbeeck
Carlos Leal as Jean-Louis Poquelin
Nicholas Ofczarek as Marius Loukauskis
Ida Engvoll as Kit Ekdal
Hilde Van Mieghem as Madame Pernel
Jella Haase as Bianca Loukauskis

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