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The Detectives (ABC/NBC Crime Drama, Robert Taylor)



Crime drama series The Detectives detailed the cases of a crime squad led by Captain Matt Holbrook (Robert Taylor), the main characters rotated the leads for various stories and Holbrook’s three main men were Lt Johnny Russo in charge of Burglary, Lt Jim Conway (Homicide) and Lt Otto Lindstrom of the Bunco Squad.

The show, which was also known as Robert Taylor’s The Dectectives, ran for 67×30 minutes from October 16, 1959 to September 22, 1961 (67 episodes) and for 30×60 minutes from September 29, 1961 to September 21, 1962.

Cast: ROBERT TAYLOR as Captain Matt Holbrook / URSULA THIESS as Lisa Bonay (1960-61) / TIGE ANDREWS as Lt John Russo / ADAM WEST as Sgt Steve Nelson (1961-62) / MARK GODDARD as Sgt Chris Ballard (1960-62) / LEE FARR as Lt James Conway (1959-60) / RUSSELL THORSON as Lt Otto Lindstrom (959-61)

The Detectives Theme by Herschel Burke Gilbert.

USA / ABC – Four Star – NBC / 67×25 minute episodes and 30×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 16 October 1959 – 21 September 1962