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Canadian TV

The Swiss Family Robinson (CTV 1974 with Chris Wiggins and Diana Le Blanc)



Canada / CTV – Fremantle Canada / 26×30 minute episode / Broadcast 1974-1975

Producer: Gerald Mayer / Associate Producer: Alan Bromly

In the 19th century the Robinson family become stranded on a desert island and set about making it their home. The family was Mother and Father and their three children 16 year old Ernest, 13 year old Franz and 8 year old Marie.

Filmed in Jamaica this Canadian series was made at the same time as a US one from producer Irwin Allen which must have confused some viewers. Some guides give this a 1976 date but it premiered in the UK on 12 August 1974.

Chris Wiggins as Johan Robinson
Diana Le Blanc as Elizabeth
Michael Duhig as Ernest
Ricky O’Neill as Franz
Heather Graham as Marie

1. The Arrival
2. The Secret of Shark Island
3. The Mark Of Captain Keel
4. The Curse Of The Idol
5. Animal Kingdom
6. Bruno
7. Attack of the Cat
8. Lost at Sea
9. A Time to Live and A Time To Die
10. Cave Of the Tiger
11. Dead Man’s Gold
12. Terror on South Island
13. The Visitor
14. Nature’s Child
15. Return From Paradise
16. Skeleton Clue
17. Somewhere On this Earth
18. Rescue
19. Second Honeymoon
20. Deadly Feast
21. The Intruder
22. The Weakest Link
23. Monsoon
24. The Castaway
25. The Rogue
26. Disappearance



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