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You’re Only Young Twice (ITV Sitcom, Peggy Mount, Pat Coombs)



You're Only Young Twice ITV Sitcom Pat Coombs Peggy Mount

Sitcom You’re Only Young Twice took us to Paradise Lodge, a residential home for gentlewomen of independent means. The residents included take no nonsense Flora Petty (Peggy Mount, in another of her signature shouty battleaxe roles), the eccentric Cissie Lupin (Pat Coombs), former actress and Dolly Love (Lally Bowers) and the motorbike riding Mildred Fanshaw (Diana King). The matron was Miss Milton (Charmian May).

The series was popular enough to run to four seasons and two specials. Peggy Mount and Pat Coombs had appeared together in sitcom Lollipop Loves Mr Mole and also appeared together in a 1984 one off called It’s Never Too Late.

No relation to the 1971 sitcom of the same name.

Cast: Peggy Mount as Flora Petty; Pat Coombs as Cissie Lupin; Lally Bowers as Dolly Love; Diana King as Mildred Fanshaw; Charmian May as Miss Milton; Georgina Moon as Miss Finch; Johnny Wade as Roger

Writers: Pam Valentine, Michael Ashton / Music: Dennis Main Wilson / Producer: Graeme Muir

UK / ITV – Yorkshire / 31×30 minute episodes / 6 September 1977 – 11 August 1981