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Armada: 12 Days To Save England (BBC-2 2015 with Dan Snow)



UK / BBC Two / 3×60 minute episodes / Broadcast Sunday 24 May – Sunday 7 June 2015

Writers and Producers: Robin Dashwood, Tim Dunn / Executive Producer: Cameron Balbirnie / Series Producer: Robin Dashwood

Documentary series with plenty of dramatised segments telling the story of the English sea battle of of 1588 that saw Queen Elizabeth I’s main man Sir Francis Drake taking on a Spanish fleet of 125 ships.

Actors taking part included Anita Dobson (as Queen Elizabeth I), Philip Cox, Rupert Frazer, Iain Fletcher, Crispin Redman, Dominic Jephcott, Joseph Balderrama, Alun Raglan, Phoebe Thomas, Gwenyth Petty, Zen Prado

The episodes were titled 1. 12 Days to Save England, 2. The Battle For England, 3. Endgame.