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Knight Errant (ITV 1959-1961 with John Turner and Hugh David)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

UK / ITV – Granada / 76×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 1959-61 black and white

Creator: Philip Mackie / Producers: Warren Jenkins, Kitty Black

Drama series. Adam Knight, bored with his life, sets himself up as a modern day knight in shining armour, helping people in need. Season one was called Knight Errant 59, season two Knight Errant 60 and season three after Adam Knight emigrated and Stephen Drummond went by the title of Knight Errant Ltd.

John Turner as Adam Knight
Kay Callard as Liz Parrish
Richard Carpenter as Peter Parker
William Fox as Tony Hollister

1961 cast
Hugh David as Stephen Drummond
Wendy Williams as Frances Graham
Stephen Cartwright as Greg Wilson
Alan Webb as Colonel Cope-Addams