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Mrs Wilson’s Birthday (ITV 1969 with Bill Wallis and Nigel Hawthorne)



UK / ITV Network – London Weekend Television / 1×60 minutes / Broadcast Saturday 4 January 1969 @ 9.55pm

Writers: Richard Ingrams and John Wells / Designer: John Clark / Music Composer: Jeremy Taylor / Cartoons: William Rushton / Producer: Stuart Allen

Comedy based on the sucessful Joan Littlewood stage production taking wholesale pot-shots on life at Number 10 Downing Street, home at the time to Prime Minister Harold Wilson.

The show was scheduled to have been broadcast 23 November 1968 but former Foreign Secretary George Brown objected to his characterisation in the production and managed to have some scenes re-recorded. It also wasn’t fully networked across the ITV regions either.

Bill Wallis as Harold Wilson
Myvanwy Jenn as Gladys Wilson
Bob Grant as George Brown
Nigel Hawthorne as Roy Jenkins
David Bartley as David Frost
Peter Reeves as Gerald Hoffman
Toni Palmer as Traffic Warden
Howard Goorney as Dr. Melrose
John Lyons as Policeman
Stephen Lewis as Inspector Trimfittering
Reg Templar as Robot Heath